Time is one hour off

My flows starts one hour late ! So my garden light shall turn on at 5 but it triggers at 6. It is 5 am in the flow
This has reasently started… today we had -14 C and the car heater didn’t start…:disappointed_relieved: I am in Sweden and time in Homey app is right ( settings/ about) .
Any suggestions how to fix?

Which firmware version are you running? If it’s one of the recent RC’s, make sure you’re running the latest (Athom have released new RC’s in rapid succession the last couple of days). If you are and the problem persists, please contact Athom: support@athom.com

I just rebooted a second time and now it is working…
Time is the same in Homey so I can not see what went wrong… So hopefully my car is warm tomorrow ,:grinning:
Thanks for your time…

It happened again, every flow based on time crashed… exhausting !

yep, I have the same issue.

In the very first firmware of Homey, you could set the time in location settings, but setting is gone

Same here, all my time based flows and alarm triggered flows are one hour later. Now checking again after reboot. Indeed this issue emerged after each RC update in the last days

Seems to be a problem in rc60 and solved in rc61

I had 61, this morning got the automated update to 62 and the hour off was back…

Same problem here with RC 62. Will update to RC 63 to see if its solved

I went from V5 rc60 to the V5 stable version and I have this problem since this stable version. I’ll give it another reboot and see.

Same here after updating to V5 stable, alarm triggered flows one hour off.

After one PtP and two reboots the problem is still there.

Check if the TimeZone is right, and check your Location.

Hi there,
yes, checked.
Homey’s location is on too.

If this is all OK, probably the best thing to do is contact Athom.

They look okay to me: date is correct, dateHuman uses the correct timezone, and dateDst is off, which it should be.

Athom did fix issues regarding some time-based flow cards in the run-up to the stable release, so they may have introduced a bug there.

@Wim_van_Bezouw you can contact them through support@athom.com

(Ah, Robert, you were a bit quicker to answer :wink: )
The screenshot shows that the date (in UTC) and the datehuman (in local time zone) differ one hour, which is correct for your timezone. If the image has been shot a couple of minutes ago, then I would say your date human is correct. So where do you see that the time is off for one hour?

He’s saying that time-based flows trigger an hour too late.

Like Robert says, the time triggered flows kick in an hout late.

Thanks Robert, I will contact Athom.