Push notification with multiple devices

Hi, i’ve some flows that are supposed to send push notifications. I want to receive them on my phone but they’re only delivered on my tablet. I use the same account on both devices. How can I influence the delivery?
Thanks for reading and your response, Perry

See if you have to enable notifications for the Homey app on your phone… Sometimes by default it’s disabled.

The CallMeBot app may come in handy.

Hi Peter, I had checked and checked again but was already enabled.
It worked for a long time…
After your reply and some googeling I logged out and in again, rebooted Homey and all did not work.
Even deleted the app on my phone and reïnstalling did not do the trick.
But then the next day when starting the app my phone all of a sudden it asked permission to send me push notifications.
That did the magic. It works again :+1:
Thanks for the reply, Perry

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