Update mobile notifications across all flows?

Just got a new phone so want to update notifications from the old phone to the new phone. Is there a way to do this without going through every flow manually?


Notifications are based on Athom account, not based on used device, for this very reason. So you don’t have to do anything if you are logged into the same account.

No they aren’t. When you create a flow you select a phone. It’s device based… Hence why my notifications are still coming to my old phone and when I set them up I had to select the phone and brand

I’m currently logged in on a tablet and my phone to the same account, and both get the same notification (don’t have the tablet in any flows).
So definitely based on Athom account
Yesterday even came a question why someone couldn’t select a device anymore after Homey v2, but just an account as that is when it changed to Account based, not mobile device ID based

Push is notification no? I didn’t know there were two variants, why would there by two variants?!

Notification comes up in your Homey app home page. That goes across all your devices logged in with the same account, as caseda said.
Push notification is a different thing.
U wrote

So caseda gave u the right answer.

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For push notifications, then yes, as per my knowledge u need to go flow by flow. But maybe someone knows a way.

for push notifications you select an account, not an device

For iphone: after restoring to your new phone:
Go to the homey app, logout, login
Now push message are received again

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This helped me, thanks !