Official V1 'Homey' Smartphone App

Here you can find all information about the official V1 ‘Homey’ Smartphone App for your mobile.

The current V2 is a “beta” version so keep this in mind when installing and using the app.

The new app will be completely re-designed. So also the visuals of this app are not final.
V2 is around the corner, but still no release date known yet.

For Apple :

For Android :

A side note for android users : Due to an update of Google Services you might experience some issues with receiving notifications after the latest update. Unfortunately the only solution to fix this is to re-add your phone to your current flows. This way you will be able to receive notifications again.

how can i re-add my phone to my current flows? i already tried multiple ways but no succes yet

for now not a single push notification is working anymore.

Edit: tested some more the morse push function does work push notifications still a mystery

Re-adding my phone doesn’t work for me, still no notifications from the v1 app. I do receive them from the preview app.

Confirm. RE ADD PHONE… Notification is not work…

That’s not true.
Only homey preview notifications are working.
Notifications of the standard app are not working. Also not after re-add the phone cards
Also presence geo location is not working anymore

also am i the only one for who the geo location is not working anymore?

iphone works properly but my android phone does not

Removed phone, removed from flows - added phone back in, still no notifications. Looks broken still?

I have tried everything… Notifications don’t work! Can you pls solve this ASAP.
It is a show stopper for me

Same here, no more notifications on either phones. Cleaned out data / cache on the phones, reinstalled the apps on the phones, deleted and re-added an account / phone on Homey, no luck. Still no notifications.

I have commented this on GitHub also:


We have tested and try to reproduce the issue with not receiving notifications anymore and we think we have found the fix. However, we still need to do some more testing, but if anyone of you want to help that is much appreciated.

What you need to do is go to and remove the phone you are currently using with Homey. It could be that your phone will be displayed multiple times, please remove all instances. After you have done this, restart the app on your phone and log back in. The only thing you need to do is to re-add your phone to the flows you are currently experiencing issues with.

Please let me know if this solves the issue for you.

I tested this and I’m still unable to receive notifications. I removed all instances of my phone (only one), restarted the app and logged back in. I then created a new flow with a push notification. I tested the flow, and the checkmark was displayed on the notification flow card, but I didn’t receive any notifications on my phone.

For me it isn’t working

same here. Tested as mentioned.
No result for standard notifications.
I did receive a presence notification this morning after a long time. (before this test message)
I don’t know if this is by coincidence and once or presence is back again?.

EDIT: It was a coincidence. Presence still not working

Isn’t working here either, unfortunately. :frowning:

I also have the same problem and i tried the option as suggested but it didnt work at my original phone.

Next i tried to add a new phone to homey and it also couldn’t recieve push messages.

I hope there wil be a solution/update soon

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Thanks for the feedback! Will forward it to the development team

Thanks! :slight_smile: Hope you guys manage to find a solution in the near future!