Pushnotification sent to "wrong" device

Hi, i’ve created a few flows that send a pushnotification ( if any sensors battery is too low, if any humiditysensor is above 60 or bellow 40,…) i send the notifications to me and my wife, she received them on her phone, but i didnt. I used my tablet to create the flows, and on the tablet the notifications were shown…

So i tried with the tablet completely off, no notification.
I edited the flow on my phone (removed the card that linked me, saved the flow, and the added the card again, but still it only sends the push to my tablet, and if its switched off, ill never receive that notification.

Any ideas to solve this?


After 3days of testing i found that notifications were disabled for homey in the applesettings… one more reason why i prefer android…all settings are where i expect them :smiley: