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Push notification don’t stop


I’ve tried différent way to get my presence statut in my appartment. To understand wich way was better and wich way was triggered I used push notifications.

But since I came home for first time monday, i’m still receiving a looooooot (hundred by hundred !) of push notifications and I don’t know how to stop them:

Have you got a solution for me ? (Already restart homey but I continue to receive notification of monday !) and I’ve deleted my flows for sure !

Could you post a flow or something you did to get the presence?

Does it stop if you unplug Homey?

@Jeroen_Somhorst unfortunately I’ve deleted flows

@Dijker I didn’t try yet (just tried reboot)

Monday I was home from 18h26 to 20h
Now, I still receive notifications from Monday 18h32

I’m affraid to receive notifications for years :joy:

@Dijker i’ve just unplug/plug Homey and I’m still receiving notifications !

We are thursday and I’m still receiving notifications from monday 18h40… 8 minutes the ones I received yesterday from monday 18h32

I’ve also tried to unninstall / install the homey app on my phone but it doesn’t change anything

If you’re still receiving notifications that are old, or received when Homey was offline/turned off, it sounds like there’s a large queue of notifications stored on an Athom cloud server somewhere.

You should probably contact support@athom.com about this, perhaps they can clear the queue. It might be that you had a (temporary) flow loop that generated a massive amount of notifications, and the Athom cloud service is still trying to deliver them all (respecting Apple’s rate limits, probably).

Thank you for you answer @robertklep !

It looks like I don’t receive flood notification anymore ! Maybe as you said, i’ve reached rate limits :sweat_smile:

Nice Sunday,