Pushover Notifications

I just installed this app and entered my user and api key, and all looks well, but if I try to add a push message to a flow, I can not save the card? I set the target to user and fill in title and message, but the mark on top to save it stays greyed out? I can only go back, and discard.
Even when I choose notification to device, I can see my devices and select one, but same thing, I cannot save it
Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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I have the same problem. When ‘making’ the app homey in pushover.net, all you have to do is ad ‘homey’ without any further settings??

Hi, is the App tested om Homey version 5 Rc.50? The App is stopping unexpected.
A message receiving created in to the website is working well.
Please help?

Will this app still work after the 30d free trial? Or will I have to pay after the trial?

is it possible to send notifications to different users or more than one group?