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So u don’t have this card in the AND ?


Yes I do…

Was looking for a ”Ask for confirmation” not ”Send a push confirmation”

I am using Heimdall, and I am very happy with the app! I would like to setup a Woopla IFTTT phone call to my phone in when the alarm is activated. Then I will make sure that I will wake up at night if the alarm is activated. I am not very familiar with IFTTT. Anyone who knows how I can configure this step by step? It exists a solution if you have a Nest smoke detector:

What I am looking for, is the same functionality if my Heimdall alarm is activated.

As an alternative, it would have been great if the Homey app itself could have played an ongoing alarm sound that did not stop until it was cancelled. However, I guess this is something the Athom team need to look into…

You can use the Soundboard app to play a sound by a flow and repeat the flow (let the flow start itself as last card) as long as necessary.

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Sorry for not being specific, but I meant an ongoing alarm on my iPhone.

Misschien kun je wat met deze app.

Hoping someone could help me out with a flow. Using this current flow which works great. I’m just wondering if it would be possible to add in if the alarm is activated during nighttime or certain hours then turn on all lights? Thanks ,

User the AND function.

WHEN Alarm activated AND its Night time THEN do… ELSE do…(current flow)

Thanks for the reply, didn’t really make it clear but I ment if it’s night time use the same THEN but add turn on lights. But if it’s activated during the day just use the original THEN flow. Or would I need a separate flow?

Like 0burner0 mentioned:
Make an extra card in the middle AND colom. Pick the time card and take “It is daytime”.
Hit the invert slider and u get “it is night time”
In the THEN colom u select the same cards as in ur screenshot and make the same cards again in the same colom. Click them, hold them untill they become greyed and the drag them down.
U will create the ELSE colom with this.
Add the lamp to the THEN colom and ur done.

Thanks to you both. I knew I could add the AND but not familiar with invert and didn’t even know an ELSE column was available. So much to learn. Thanks again.

When I am away from home and a window is opened, I want the alarm to go off. But when I leave home while the window is already open, I want the alarm not to be triggered. Possible?

Yes this is possible, but you will have to create several flows to mange it.

I do the following:

When setting the house to “armed” I have a ‘armed delay’ set to 15sec, during this time have other flows that initiates checks of all sensors and if a sensor is activated/open then the house is set to Disarmed again and a push message is sent saying “XXX in YYY is open, please close and try to arm again”.

  • First flow react when the ‘Arming delay’ is initiated and ‘then’ action is to check all sensors.
  • Second flow reacts if a sensor is active during check of all sensors and puts the house in disarmed and sends push messages

Hmm, a start but not really what I’m looking for.
My system is armed, based on geolocation so I’m already 200m from home when i get the reminder to close my windows. And when I talk windows I talk about small tipping windows above the door that do not necessarily have to be closed when you quickly run an errand.

Ok, read your post again and now understand what you want. You want the house always armed when away but if a sensor is breached already when arming the house you want it to be ignored.

Could possibly also be solved but will be more complex. Perhaps do a check like I do and if windows X is opened set a variable to Yes and then in the Alarm Flow you have add an “and” parameter that this value has to be set to “No” for the alarm actions to take place.

Haven’t tested and could be other things that makes this not working properly , you might get a bunch of logg messages from Heimdall that the alarm has been breached.

@Tomm have you actually tested that situation because it should work like you desire.
The Alarm State will be triggered when a sensor’s state changes while a Surveillance Mode is active, not when a sensor is already ‘active’ (in this case opened) when the Surveillance Mode is set.
So, when the window is open when Heimdall is armed the Alarm State will not be activated, you may be warned a windows is open, but that’s configurable. Only until that windows is closed and opened again the Alarm State will be activated.

When I check my log I see that it actually happened. Surveillance mode activated at 10:17:53 and alarm is activated at 10:18:21. When i simulate i leave the house nothing happens.
Any thoughts why this could have happend once?

02-09-2019 10:18:51.696 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm is geactiveerd. Klepraam Voorzijde: Geopend
02-09-2019 10:18:51.550 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm is geactiveerd. Klepraam Voorzijde: Geopend
02-09-2019 10:18:22.547 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm activatie is uitgesteld: 20 seconden.
02-09-2019 10:18:22.547 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Klepraam Voorzijde in Woonkamer activeerde Alarm.
02-09-2019 10:18:21.898 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Alarm activatie is uitgesteld: 20 seconden.
02-09-2019 10:18:21.898 Ingeschakeld Heimdall Klepraam Voorzijde in Woonkamer activeerde Alarm.
02-09-2019 10:18:05.725 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Aqara Wireless switch is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:05.493 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Aqara Vibration Sensor is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:05.284 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Koelkast is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:04.912 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Raam Slaapkamer is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:04.821 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Klepraam Voorzijde is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:04.737 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Over is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:04.653 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Badkamerlamp is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:04.278 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check MultiSensor is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:03.680 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Rookmelder is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:03.402 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Rookmelder is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:03.258 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Lamp naast de bank is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:03.104 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Lamp in de hal is gereed
02-09-2019 10:18:02.964 Uitgeschakeld Apparaat check Lamp op de overloop is gereed
02-09-2019 10:17:53.321 Uitgeschakeld Flowkaart Toezicht mode wordt ingeschakeld over 0 seconden.
02-09-2019 10:17:53.614 Ingeschakeld Flowkaart Toezicht mode is ingeschakeld

The code that writes that logline is part of the function that get’s triggered by a state change of a sensor. So my conclusion is that the sensor send a report the state changed. As far as I know sensors will only send a report when their state changes, not on a regular interval announce their state to the controller.

And since i can’t reproduce the problem I am gonna thank you both (@DaneedeKruyff and @Borgen) for your help and let’s hope it was a one time error.

Hi All,

I want to make a pre alarm check. but I think its not workin. I followed this link Wat is mis met deze flow in heimdall

What do I miss here.