Image notifications in iPhone app

I have hooked up my homey to my camera system and use the send image notification option to send me a screenshot of a camera.
I have noticed that after viewing the image it is no longer possible to find or see this image ever again. It is also not possible to save the image besides taking a screenshot of my phone. The images are also very small and do not rotate when holding the phone in landscape direction. There no possibility to zoom.
Is there anybody who has found a way to do any of these things?
App version
Homey version 2.5.2

You could email the snapshot, or you can have a look for the taken images on the developerspage section images

I recommend using the pushover service with the Pushover Notifications Homey app. More functionality and options.

Thanks @DaneedeKruyff! This app does everything the homey app lacks! :joy:
Going to try it this week to see if it’s worth investing the whole 5,49€ in it :wink:

It’s definitely worth spending the € 5,49 at Pushover! And when you realise how much functionality the Homey App adds, don’t forget to show your appreciation to the developer by making a donation :+1:

U have to pay for it? Is that new?
Am using a free version.

Yes. I think that’s new, can’t remember ever paying for it. But I think it’s worth the money.

Pushover for Everyone

Invididuals can use Pushover with no subscription fees.

This is what the app-store says, don’t see free for individuals. Am i misreading?

This is what pushover says about it:

In short, it seems there’s a one-time fee per platform.

Why not use Telegram?