JSON to image push

Hi, i have a question.

I got a json feed from all the weather stations in NL.
And the radar gives an url back


But i cant get a text variable to become an image that i can use in other flow.

Does someone know a solution for this or is this not possible.

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Use Image Grabber App voor Homey | Homey

(No personal experience)

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Old app but still works great thanks a lot!

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Hi, you could just use the virtual camara device. Add the camera (from Homey in the app selection) and insert the URL. Gif and Jpeg results can be used. So you can open this device to check the Image. And you can use the global image tag of that device to get the image (instantly updated) to use for push messages.

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@RonnyW Can you maybe share a screenshot? I could not find it yesterday.

Add a device, select “Homey” and “Virtual camera”.

Enter your URL

Then you have a device and in device details, you will see the image


Ah thanks, i needed adjust my settings under “Experiments”.

To bad that the iOS app does not support a gif. But for flows and push this also workst great thanks!

Nice to hear. I can’t say what’s included in experiments because I activated it from the first day :smile:

Hey Maurits,

Coming up in DeviceCapabilities (not yet in test, bugfixing right now): A virutal device to which you can add 10 camera’s (plus much more).