Homey Push images don't work

Hi, I have a Foscam C2 camera setup, which all works fine. I can see the live feed, and snapshots are automatically created, I see them on the developer site. But when I make a flow to send a push message with such an image (selecting the tag belonging to the camera), nothing happens…

When I do the same with Telegram Bot, I get the message with the picture… I think I am just missing something… I am using an iPhone btw…

I use this flow:

Works great with the Foscam FI9900 and C2.
I hope this wil help you.

I use the “image grabber” app to get the image:

The url is like: http://username:password@ipadres/snapshot.jpg

then I have a separate flow that sends the image once it been downloaded. (flow activated on "An image is downloaded (or whatever the English translation might be).

If I try to do it in the same flow, an empty image is being shown.