Picture Push Messages but missing pictures


I have a Yi 1080p Home Camera, and I installed the Yi CAM hack, meaning, I have ONVIF and snapshot link support.
I can generate for both a device. A virtual IP cam with the snapshot link or an ONVIF cam, with the respective app. Both devices seem to work fine. They show pictures, when I open them.
Now I made a simple flow: When the flow is started, send a homey picture push message to a certain user. I get the additional text, but no picture?!? For both devices? What is going wrong?
Regards, Metatron

I think you should add the “update motion snapshot” card, and then send the snapshot with a delay of 1 to 2 secs

Hello Peter,

thank you but no, it does not make a difference. I tried pushover - this works.
Is it a problem of IOS?
Regards, Metatron

Maybe it’s a good idea to Show Your Flow (SYF)

How do I do this SYF, please?

Hello, use the ‘share’ button for that:

If you use the web app, click at the three dots on the right of the flow name, and click ‘share’