Black camera snapshot in pushmessage


I have multiple surveillance camera’s (NVR and IP cam) and I made a flow that when a Philips Hue Light sensor gets triggered in the night, a snapshot of a cam is send to mobile phone (push). It worked perfect.

But the last few days I only receive black images. I can see my camera’s are online. And in Homey I see them working.

Anyone has this problem or has a fix?
And where are the images stored on the homey, can I see them somewhere in a folder? Just to check if they arent actual black images.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: every image i send with pushmessage is black, not only the camera’s

Did you try PtP (pull the plug for 10min) already?


I can see the images are good, so they arent send properly.

I will try the PtP, usually not my first choice, cause I want to know what caused it. Also I will try another phone.

Thanks Peter, PtP was the solution.