Wireless camera with snapshot

Hi. I’m looking for a good wireless and battery powered camera to integrate with homey. What I would like is a camera that can take a snapshot at a specific time and forward the image on email and telegram. Currently I have a Ring StickUp and it sort of works 60% of the time. Not sure if it’s the image grabber that fails or what. Anyhow I’m looking for something other than Ring.

I have search through several types but can’t find “the one” that covers my requirements. The camera should primarily be used outside but if anyone bows about a good indoor camera I’m eager to hear about that as well.

Hats off to all of you developers and contributors to the forum. I find it very useful and I’m impressed about both the knowledge and dedication. Keep up the great work!

I’m using a Blink outdoor camera.
The app provides taking snapshots.

But there are some restrictions because it’s cloud connected:

  • you can trigger creating a snapshot. Define a flow and start the flow action for the camera. This will trigger a snapshot which is then stored in the Blink cloud
  • create a second flow with a trigger “snapshot created”. If the snapshot is created and stored in the cloud, this trigger will start the second flow where you can take the snapshot from the device capabilities and send it via push message (or use other apps where it’s possible to send images).
  • the snapshop creation will not work if the camera is busy (happens if the moving alert is active and the camera is recording a video). So taking snapshots after moving recognition will only work with a delay (the recording time).
  • moving alert is raised based on new camera video in the cloud (so no realtime PIR alert). So if moving is recognized, the cam,era records the video. It’s stored in the cloud. The app recognizes the new video timestamp and the moving alert is raised in Homey. The delay is up to 1 or 2 seconds after the video is stored.

I hope this information helps for your decision. If something in not clear, just ask :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer. Looks like you need a blink subscription plan for this? Or can you do this without?

I have to correct my description in this case.

With the sync module 2 tha databis stored locally (put a microSD card into the sync module).

What I meant was:

  • the data is stored locally, but…
  • all calls are done via cloud API
    So you can’t access the camera directly (RTSP) or get direct alerts fro. PIR sensor.

You need a Blink account and you need to register the sync module and cameras using the Blink app on your phone.
After that you can set your account credentials in the Blink app settings (Homey).