[App] Blink

So there’s an app for Blink, tho developer seems to have gone quiet in the old forum…

Either way, I’d like to use the snapshot function but not sure where the snapshot saves - anyone know?

I can’t be the only one who needs this app?!
Calling out to Jasper!! Or someone who has the ability to pick this up!??!

I use Blink via IFTTT. Working fine

It’s fine, but doesn’t have all the functionality. The function set is very high level compared to what the app offered

True, maybe someone is willing top take over

I would also like somebody to pick up this app / functionality where it was left as the app does not seem to work with Homey v2.0

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+1 i would like to use the snapshot function also. The blink site has a new api this needs to be updated in the app.

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Same here. I’m using Blink via IFTTT as well, but a direct implentation would be awesome!

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Can someone of the community please pick this up? because i realy would like to use the snapshot function.

Also intrested in the blink app.

Me too! I have not purchased any IP cameras yet, but if this app works on 2.0, it is a serious contender!

@ObelixNL has fixed it!! He was willing to fix the api problem, but got no blink devices. So he tested it on my blink cam which is pointed @ our rabbits :slight_smile:

The version still got some bugs, which @ObelixNL will fix soon.
Thanks again Stefhan!

Currently not yet in the app store, but installable through CLI

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Amazing! Can’t wait! Will it work with the newly announced Homey Camera?

You can make a flow on the device with snapshot created. When you create an action with image notification you can use the just created snapshot.

The device motion detection must be on and armed must be on.

When motion is detected ( new video created ) the flow will be triggered.

It also works with timed snapshots in a flow. Motion and Armed function then do not to be enabled.

@Spoelly @vaderag
I have created an new app because the developer dit not reponse on any message. If you want to use my app please remove the old app and install the new app from https://github.com/steffjenl/nl.steffjenl.homey-blink

Now with camera support! when you don’t see the camera snapshot please remove first the device and reinstall the device.

Sometimes you get an broken image, i don’t know why! i don’t get any error messages, i think maybe an bug in the new athom software?

Massive thanks!

I havent yet upgraded to v2 (still waiting for Lightwave support…) but in the next few months I’m either going to ditch lightwave or find some other way to manage it!
And as soon as I do, i will be all over this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. When do you think it will be in the store?

Thx a lot

Question was already asked but when will the app be available in the Athom App Store? I am just a ‘simple’ user and don’t know how to install from Github…