Homey Pro 2023: Stale Snapshot Issue with Foscam Camera and Telegram Flow

Hello Community,

I’m reaching out because I’m encountering a issue with my Homey Pro 2023 (also on my old Homey 2016) setup. My current flow is designed to capture a snapshot using a Foscam camera when my doorbell is pressed, and then forward that snapshot to a Telegram group.

For some weeks now, the snapshot that gets sent is an old one, not the current view. I’ve tried rebuilding the flow and rebooting the camera, but it didn’t resolve the problem. Interestingly, when I manually request a snapshot from the Homey device tab, it shows the correct, updated view.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or does anyone have insights on how to resolve this so that I can accurately see who is at the door?

Looking forward to your solutions.

Best regards,

What Telegram app do you use?

The App from Jorden? Then contact him here.

if it’s mine, then contact me here.

I have a simular problem with the 'Snapshot" function.

I have a Foscam Dome camera and use this standalone and in combination with Homey.

At Homey I have several flows used succesfully. But since 1/9/2023 there is a problem with the function "take snapshot’
It started with an authorization problem. The normal GMail account/password didn’t function anymore. So I create a generated password bij Google en used this code in de Camera setting for the e-mail function. Then the e-mail test was succesful. I receive a mail (no attachment).

I disconneted/remove the camera at the Homey environmet, add it new as device. It functions correct within the Homey environment.

When I trigger the snapshot function it is executed succesfully, but now e-mail is receive.

I have reboot the Homey App and also the camera but no progress.

I also contacted Foscam but now help is given (they ask if more user have these problems)

Help needed, tips?