Sending images from cameras

Since I installed my Homey 2023, sending images from cameras with the callmebot app or the email sender havent worked. I have tried to post on the callmebot app forum, and others have sent Athom messages. The images are stored on the homey and are “available” but probably something has changes with regards to where they are stored.

My question. Does anyone know of other apps I can use to send these images out into the world, or any way to circumnavigate the issue. I would like to continue sending via Signal if possible.

Thank you for all the good work you do in the Homey Community

Can you post a screenshot of the flow?

Is it so hard to search the app store, while I see clearly a Signal app besides CallMeBot. Check it out I’d like to say, whith some luck, it does send the snapshots OK:

No point taking that tone… Off course I have tested that before posting the question. It has to do with Homey 2023 and where images are stored. The app developers of callmebot/signal/email sender have not looked into this yet, as far as I know.

There is no tone. I just point to the obvious.

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Not true. I invested a lot of time in Callmebot to get the images working, but it is a Homey issue. Athom did create a firmware fix, but it didnt solve all issues. In a next fw fix they claim they have fixed another issue with images.

So wait for the next Homey fw release…

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Thank you so much for the work with the callmebot. I use it everyday. Thanks for the feedback regarding the images. Hope that a new fw update will fix the problem. Have a great weekend

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