Callmebot Facebook messenger

I try to get the callmebot to send me a message when a button is pressed. I may well get it to send to me on messenger, but it uses an old image even though I’ve set it to update my onvif camera .
Did I make a mistake somewhere?

Seems similar to this

Damn you’re right, annoying there isn’t a solution. Do you know an app that can send pictures to your phone, in addition to homey’s own message?

Callmebot works fine with Signal.

Push notifications can send pics too
Pics aren’t saveable or available in a folder though…

I also used the built-in message feature in homey. I just wanted to be able to save the pictures, or access them more than ones.
However, I have not completely examined what signal is? Do you think it works better than messenger? It’s as if the callmebot doesn’t update the image before it’s posted, even if onvif stands to update the image…

About the CallMeBot app, only FB MSGR has issues afaik. WhatsApp, Telegram & Signal don"t seem to be affected. See my earlier reply about this Callmebot Facebook messenger - #2 by Peter_Kawa
Signal is a secured open-source messenger, with similar functionality as Telegram and WhatsApp.

And keep in mind, when using the “update snapshot” card, all following cards used to send the snapshot need to be delayed!

This, while Homey fires all action cards at once, not in sequence. AND, it does not wait for an action to be completed.

So while the snapshot has to be created, the “send snaphot” card should be delayed with 1 or more seconds.

I will contact callmebot about fb messenger sending old pics. Weird though…

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Did you get a response back from callmebot? :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope. Maybe yoy can try to contact them?