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Facebook Messenger


Have Homey send messages to your own preferred messenger service. You can add multiple services and numbers for everyone in your family.
You need to get a personal APIkey from callmebot.com before using the API. Keep this key secret so only you can send messages to yourself!

Prerequisite :gear:

  • Creat a Facebook Messenger apiKey
    • Start a Facebook Messenger conversation with @api.callmebot. Or click here
    • Send “create apikey” to @api.callmebot (using Facebook Messenger of course)
    • The bot will answer you with your personal apikey.
  • When you have the apiKey from CallMeBot, go directley into Homey

Usage :gear:

  • Install this app on your Homey
  • Go to add devices
  • Provide your mobile number and apiKey (from CallMeBot). Click Next

Current features: :wrench:

  • Send Text Messages
  • Send Images
  • Of course, you can put all available Homey tags in the text field and send snapshots/artworks via the dedicated image card. :tada:

Developer: :wrench:

Contributors: :wrench:

Supported Languages :netherlands:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch



:computer: Apps made by @LRvdLinden

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First a Signal app, now a Messenger app: Are you really going to make 4 separate apps from the CallMeBot app from Robin?

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No I won’t. Am working on totally different apps right now.

:speech_balloon: Update v1.0.9

New Live version!


:star2: Overall App Enhancements: Experience an improved Facebook Messenger App with various enhancements aimed at enhancing usability and performance across the board.

Download the new version in the Homey App Store!

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