Push notifications (Pushsafer)

I would like to sent a different ringtone for special messages when a homey push notification message arrives on my I-phone . (so different sounds for messages)

There are apparently several apps to do this.

Which app is the best choice?

I have installed the pushsafer app but I don’t understand what to enter in the (homey card) to send the message to my phone.

Please can someone help me out what to fill in .

I manage to send a message to my i-phone from the pushsafer website (this means the installation of pushsafer is oke)

You can also make homey send you messages via Whatsapp instead of via Push notifications.
This is possible using the app:

You could then change the ringtone sound for that specific chat in the whatsapp chat settings.

Thx I gonne try.

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Nice, hope it works like you want it to.
Here is a guide on how to install it!

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