New Gallery App

Hey Guys
there is a new Gallery App in beta on the app store. its at version 1.01. Has anyone gotten it to work? Have I missed some key point here?

I can upload images no problem. When I create a flow notification with the image tag, it times out sending.

Sounds like Athom uses their regular versioning scheme for this app:

  • what they call “beta’s” are really alpha’s
  • what they call “release candidates” are really beta’s

I’d wait for the first stable release.

Good point… I forgot this experience

The sending an image to ur mobile doesn’t seem to work. When using the gallery pics with fe the Telegram app it works like it should.

Due to a connectivity issue the Gallery app does not work as intended at the moment. The development team is hard at work to fix this issue as soon as possible. Once it is fixed the app should work as intended (

Thank you for the update @Bram

they just released their latest newsletter and promoting it. But it is still not working here…
atleast, i can upload image, send but received only the text, no media.

Does work for me

Works for me quite some time now.
I have an Axis camera and when Synology Surveillance Stations detects motion (the camera itself isn’t capable of detecting motion) it sends a webhook request to Homey on which Homey sends me a push notification with the screenshot of the camera attached.
Works like a charm.