Email app sends bin files instead of pictures

I recently upgrade grom HP19 to HP23 and it seemds when i use the email app and send a snapshot then the file which i receive is a .bin file, not an picture.

Sending the same snapshot via a push message then it works fine, only via the email app it sends a .bin file.

Running the last update available update for HP23

any idea’s?

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I think it’s best to not use it for user questions, thanks

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i removed the tags…

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I have the same problem, anyone found a solution for this?

It’s a Pro 2023 Athom firmware issue. When you change the file extension from .bin to .jpg it should show as the actual picture.

A ‘.bin’ - like issue is also present on the callmebot clients:

That is strange because when you snd same snapshot by push message or show it on a TV via pipup then it works, only when sending an email it turns into a .bin file

Yup, but not only with email;
like I qouted alr, CallMeBot also has issues with images on Pro 2023

aha did not know that, hope they fix it. (it is beta i know…)

Thanks for the answer Peter! :+1:t2:

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Same problem here. Hoping they fix it soon.