Which (smart) cameras are recommended with homey?

Hey guys,

i am currently in the market for a smart camera(outdoor) witch one integrates best with homey, like taking snapshot on event or start flow when motion is detected?
Maybe trough IFTTT or similar service.


That is not an easy question …

I bought an arlo - because well they are cool. I’ve written a little something to track motion events etc and I also think you can do it via IFTTT. BUT its API is not ‘official’ and could change and stop working at any time.

But the safest option would be to check to see if the system your looking at

a) has a API
b) tits an Official API - that is the API is open and supported by the company and not hacked together
c) the API has documentation
d) The device is common enough that someone who can develop an app will have it.

Also keep in mind that (alot) of cameras run on the ONVIF protocol which is open.

So do you know if a Reolink Argus2 or a Reolink Keen would be compatible?

Google is your friend :

Reolink’s battery powered cameras have major disadvantage is that they don’t integrate with anything - IFTTT, API, blue iris, web, RTSP - HOWEVER the email notification they send is the fastest of any camera I tried (probably because of the lack of web overhead2)

I also have Reolink camera’s but they are connected to Surveillance Station on my Synology NAS. Not sure how Homey can be of any added value here.

Generally speaking Netatmo is supported by Athom and has external presence camera that can trigger flows on motion. I do not have it but some searching on the forum I see there are users actively using it.

Thx all. I think i am going to go with the Netatmo. Because no subscription and not battery powered.


If you want a cheaper option only for using snapshots by the camer when a flow has been triggered (for example by an external trigger:motion detection device etc) look at the “ImageGrabber” app for Homey. Theoretically all ip camera’s with an Snapshot URL can be used

Anyone else had a look at this one?

SimCam - An Unparalleled AI Home Security Camera, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2094117819/simcam-an-unparalleled-ai-home-security-camera

Wyzecam (bought two for €56 shipping included, amazon dot com)
I use them for babysitting, they have motion/sound detection and night vision. Happy with them.
You can connect them with ifttt to homey if you want, to trigger fows etc, although I don’t.
There are some outdoor enclosures available.

As a sidenote, there are variants of this device on the german market and the chinese.

The chinese version is the xiaomi brand. They only support their own app ‘mi home’. So no way to integrate with homey I guess

Hi! Hijacking this thread :slight_smile:

Considering buying this camera from TP-link:

It says in their faq that its compatible with RTSP-stream protocol: https://www.tp-link.com/uk/support/faq/2680/ I suppose it then would be compatible with the standard IP-camera app in Homey? Anyone got experience with the TP-links Tapo series and Homey?

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The Virtual IP Camera device only supports camera’s that provide snapshots, not streaming like RTSP.

Ok, I understand. In the faq they show how to pick up the camera stream in iSpy app for Windows, it looks like it use the onvif standard? Would it then be compatible with the Onvif Camera app for Homey? The C200 camera is not listed on www.onvif.org but maybe it could work anyway?


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Hi, did you get the Tp-Link C200 to work with Homey?

I also have a tp link c200 cam. Will try implement it when moving into new house in end of September. Therefore I also follow this discussion

Yes, I got the C200 camera and it partly works with Homey and the ONvif app. I got it detected as a ONvif-device. Motion detection and tamper alarm works fine in Homey but no support for snapshot URL, i.e. no images from the camera in Homey. I´m using the standalone Tapo app for all the monitoring.


Little break-in this topic.

Does anyone know if the newest KlikaanKlikuit camera’s works with Homey?


I am also interested in the discussion as I wonder if I could set up simple scenarios with Homey Pro and Hikvision or Dahua cameras, as “activate the cameras when I leave home” or “activate the cameras at 10PM”.

Any experience with Hikvision or Dahua?

I am new on the forum, I plan to buy a Homey Pro and IoT such as cameras for my new home.

I’m not sure if there are any apps that can control the camera like that.
The ONVIF app works with some Hikvision cameras and can enable / disable motion detection within the ONFIV app, but it doesn’t affect the normal operation of the camera.

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