Outdoor Security Camera - Homey Compatible

Ok, I need suggestions of different type of outdoor security cameras compatible with homey. Please share your experience and product.

There are hundreds of options.

Do you want to record the feed on a NVR?
Do you want to access the live feed from outside?
Do you mind paying a subscription to host the recording online?
How much do you want to spend?
What resolution do you need?
Do you need motion detection?
Do you want night vision?

Once you have answered at least those questions then look online for cameras that meet your requirements. When you find a camera that you like, search the store to see if it is supported.
The store has apps for specific makes of camera and NVR plus apps for more generic types.
Homey also has built in options to grab snapshots for many cameras.

Was hoping users could post what they use and why and their experiense. Im currently looking at netmato

NetAtmo Works but is pretty limmited,
I guess it best works with also a welcome cam indoors. You then get the option in the NetAtmo to mark ppl home or away…
Depending on state of NetAtmo presence you can set a notification preference for the outdoor cams.

It pretty good sees cq recognises if motions are people, animals , cars or movement.

The floodlight can’t be switched from Homey.
Just the triggers for people, animals or cars and get the stills. Thats it.

Guess the problem is NetAtmo having only this in the API implemented.

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I am very happy happy with Unifi G3 cameras, Unifi CloudKey 2 NVR and Homey.

For example:
When motion from camera or another sensor - send image to user.
When doorbell ring - send image to user.

Best regards Arnfinn