IP Camera support

Hi smarthome experts :blush:!

I used Foscam camera before, but I don’t think Homey 2.0 supports this device.

Is there a list of suppliers (besides Nest) who are supported by Homey 2.0?

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These are a few Homey camera apps:

Netatmo welcome
UniFi Video

Turn an android device to an ip camera with Android IP Webcam

or if you own for example a Synology NAS and have a camera on this list or any generic camera that has onvif protocol support. Then you could use Surveillance Station It is even possible to trigger on motion events from surveillance station. Take a look a this post.

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Hi Marlon, thanks you so much for your answer.

I have a Synology NAS and connected the Foscam camera. But how does this work together with Homey. For example I would like to stream the cam on my TV by detection (I already have the Chromecast).

I’m not sure how to do that.

There is also chromecast app for Homey though. Have you taken a look at using that maybe?

The chromecast works with the app, that is not the problem. But it is the combination of Homey, Synology and the Camera

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