Alternative for Foscam camera (outdoor)

Hi all,
I’m getting sick and tired of my several foscam outdoor camera (quality issues that keep coming back on the various models). Therefore I’m looking for alternative brands for an outdoor camera which:

  • is compatible with homey (preferred)
  • is compatible with synology surveillance (must)
  • no cloud service or subscription required (must)

Can anyone of you recommend a good model and brand?

I have looked at the Netatmo Presence but it seems to work with a cloud server in between and also people complain about issues with weather resistance (camera stops to work after a while).

Instar cameras are very expensive, but by far the best on the market. Regardless of the features or quality, the best cameras I’ve ever had.

Thanks! I will take a look into it.
Anyone else some more suggestions ?

Is there someone who has any further suggestions for Foscam alternatives? Really curious! :blush:

Isn’t just any onvif camera capable? Add it to Synology surveillance and then add it to homey via the surveillance app. Then you can choose between 10.000 capable camera’s :wink:

Yes in theory. But in practice they differ a lot in wifi range (have no option to connect them wirelessly) and quality wise also are quite some brands are really mwah…

Hi all!
For those interested.
I have gone for the Eufy cam 2 C.
Ticks all the boxes and also quite affordable!


Just wanted to type this: Take a look at Eufy… It does what you asked for. :sweat_smile:

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I use the Netatmo Presence. It works great with Homey and Synology Surveillance Station.