Doorbells & IP Cameras "New User"


A new Homey member here, coming from SmartThings, and I got a few questions.

1- Is there any video doorbell that I can see its live feed from Homey? if so, does it support 2 way audio?
2- I have my cameras feed pulled into TinyCam Pro, and it has a server running on the network that I can view any camera’s feed through it. Is there any way I can create a new device in Homey and give it the camera’s address and see it through Homey?
3- I’m trying to add a ZigBee SmartThings Motion Sensor but it reads as a generic zigbee device in Homey. How can I change the device type to generic motion sensor?

Thanks in advanced!

1 NO
2 NO

Homey cant handle live feeds, only snapshots.

3 When its add as generic device means that there is no app for that brand or the app does not support that device. If there is a APP for the brand you can contact the developer and asking for adding the device into the app. You need to give him the information (id ect ect, witch is showing when its add as generic device)

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Bummer… thanks for your help anyway!

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Next time, before buying a expensive white ball, invest some time to make sure it can do what you want :grin:

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Any idea if Yale YRD210 works with Homey? I can only see the 220 not the 210, but wondering if the 210 shows up as 220?

Homey can support snapshot images from some IP cameras. There are a number of apps in the store for various brands.

If you still have the SmartThings hub you could try this app

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I think it’s only snapshots!