Homey Pro "alarm"

Right now I have a SmartThings camera and some SmartThings dooor/window sensors.
But I am thinking of changing to Homey Pro.
I think I need to change to some other dooe/window sensors, right?
But what about the SmartThings camera? Will it work with Homey. If not, then I would like a camera that will record video if there is motion, or if the door/window sensors are activated. And I would like to be able to see the video on my phone, live. And that the recording is saved in “the cloud” and not on a sd-card in the camera.
Is that possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Concerning the sensors, try the Smartthings app

Here you can ask Adrian for additional device support.

Cam related:
Hint for the Smarthome cam if it supports the ONVIF protocol:
Try the Onvif app (also by Adrian!)

Homey only works with motion and motionsnapshots.
As far as I know, sending video stream to your phone is not possible.
Sometimes one can stream a cam vid to a Google Hub or smart tv f.i.

OK. Thank you very much

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