App hikvision

Hello, do you know if the Hikvision app will ever be compatible with Homey pro? I have only one Hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-IU ip camera so far, but I plan to buy more and would like to add them to my home automation. Thanks for every reply.

Just finished soldering a little project with a Shelly Uni to utilized the alarm in/outputs of my hikvision NVR to make it somewhat smart.

Output to trigger something in Homey
Input to trigger something in the recorder.

For a full integration i wouldnt get your hopes up too much Hikvision likes to change “api” interfacing very frequently, like any other chinese manufacturere ahem Tuya. If someone updates or rewrites the homey app it might work for him/her but not your camera.

This is very bad news and thus I will probably be forced to go to a brand that is supported and will be for a long time. I would like to add a camera to the Homey pro so I can set some things up.

Can you recommend a brand of Ip cameras that are compatible with Homey pro?

One more thing occurred to me that I hadn’t tried before and hadn’t even occurred to me at all. My camera supports the Onvif protocol. So I tried to find an app for Homey pro and got lucky. In the camera configuration, I enabled the Onvif protocol and set the user. And it’s camera is already added in Homey pro.

Not sure what you want to accomplish. Little explanation of want you want will help us help you.

I only have Hikvision so can’t recommend other brands. Google Nest cams and Ring is supported by official apps I believe, but those are cloud based.

I have already solved my problem. I added the camera via Onvif protocol and it is compatible with Homey pro.

what type/model of camera with ONVIF you have that worked? Are you able to trigger a photo when motion was detected?
Tkanks for info.

I have a hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-IU model. To tell the truth, I didn’t gain much by adding Homey pro. The camera itself knows the same thing that Homey pro offers me, when detecting movement or crossing the so-called I will receive a picture with a photo of the threshold to the land.