HIKVISION APP dumb or me?

Found there is an HIKVISION app (Hikvision Appli pour Homey | Homey) i decided to buy a DS7600 NVR and 4 accusense cameras. NVR is working good.
I installed the homey Hikvision app but i wonder if the app is working or not ?

1/ Camera image cannot be seen via HIKVISION app but can be seen via onvif app. Is that normal or it is possible to see camera snapshot from homey hikvision app ?? How to ??

2/ This flow is not working ?

Normal ? Intrusion is never got by the homey hikvision app?? Normal

3/ App keeps deconnecting

Is that normal ??

Hope someone can tell be things can be solved…

ps: forgot to tell you i set up the app to connect to the nvr ip of course

Try the Hikvision topic please, lots of info there.
And maybe ONVIF Camera App voor Homey | Homey is of any use for you.

Oh, is your NVR using a reserved IP?

Hi i am heading tot that topic ! Yes i am using onvif to pull images. Working fine.
I am indeed using a fixed ip for the NVR so that ip does not changes each time i reboot !

Thanks or replying have a great day

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And what do you suggest as a pro alternative?