[App] Hikvision

The app developer isn’t answering their emails. Incase anyone is having reliability issues getting Homey to recognise smart motion events i have discovered this works a lot better

“If” … (Intrusion Detection Stop)

I’ve found using (Intrusion Detection Start) only works at random and is very unreliable. Using “stop” seems to work every time…


Hikvision is to big for a small developer to get support… Athom should take this up to put in more weight.

Good tip, i had the same problem but since i restart the hikvision app every night. Start also works every time for me.

I’ll keep that daily reboot technique in mind in case i get other issues.

Can anyone here confirm if this App has been abandoned ?

Also is it verified compatible with Homey V 5.0+. ? I don’t want to upgrade until I know this will still work …

Hi, am on Homey 5.0.4 and use Hikvision app v 0.2.3
I do not use any flows and only check my cams from remote, 4 cams
Everything works and never had any issues

Hi, has anyone got any hikvision doorbell work with Homey please?

@mattrix, yes i have, DS-KB8112-IM
Can see photo’s in the Hikvision app
Do not use, and as far as i know the app does not offer, any other functionality

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Just thought I’d ask again.

Has this app been abandoned. ?

No communication from the developer. Long time since being updated Doesn’t work properly from my experience?

Just to share for those that (similar to me) have been trying to make this app work with their Hikvision DVRs/NVRs: I have Hikvision hybrid DVR/NVR DS-7204HTHI, it may be successfully added to Homey as a device using this app, but no images from the analog (TVI) cameras hooked to DVR are available.

However, this app will pick up events from DVR (motion, line crossing etc.) and will make it possible to use these as flow triggers. For it to happen an option “Notify Surveillance Center” has to be enabled in DVR settings for the specific event type. For my DVR the option (for motion events) is available under Configuration->Event->Basic Event->Linkage Method.

It’s also worth mentioning that DVR is able to generate ONVIF snapshots even from the analog cameras. These may be grabbed via this great ONVIF Camera app (Support for ONVIF compatible cameras (1.1.31 & test 1.1.32)). ONVIF support has to be enabled in DVR settings for this (in my case Configuration->Network->Advanced settings->Integration protocol) and also an ONVIF user has to be added to the list (also possible on the DVR settings page above). I think (but not sure) is is also needed to set web authentication to “digest/basic” under Configuration->System->Security->Authentication. The snapshots would be then available under http://x.x.x.x:80/onvif/snapshot/101 (replace x.x.x.x with your DVR local IP and “101” with the desired camera reference where first digit is camera number and last is the stream number). You would need to enter ONVIF user credentials when adding cameras in ONVIF Camera app and will possibly need to adjust the URLs to above manually afterwards. ONVIF Camera app is able to save the last motion snapshot from each camera, and it is possible to have this snapshot updated on event trigger from Hikvision app.

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I haven’t used the OnVif App with my Hikvision camera but I do believe there are a couple of potential issues .

Due to all the politics going on right now apparently Hikvision have been delisted from the Onvif standard. What’s this means is they will support OnVif protocols made up until last year but won’t support any newer or changed protocols after that.

If you read my earlier posts this App also appears to be abandoned and doesn’t work properly…

A “Zombie” app as I call them. Appears to be a alive but is actually dead and was abandoned a long time ago…

I have a current model camera that doesn’t work with it. I contacted the developer. No reply. No reply in this thread. I screwed around for hours. Found a work around. It just works but the App needs a major update .

I hate to wonder how many new Homey owners have fallen into the trap of thinking Homey supports Hikvision cameras when they see it advertised on the Athom website.

@Russell_S Frankly speaking, I’m just happy the app works at all (even though I had to screw around for hours - as you did - to make it work). Homey app developers are really doing their thing on their own enthusiasm, and hence are not obliged to keep the app supported once they loose interest in it.

Athom approach to this is probably another thing, if they made Hikvision support a part of their marketing materials (I haven’t seen they did though) then it’d be not good of them for sure.

Re. ONVIF - delisting Hikvision means they cannot access member-only tools and take part in member-only forums and events. ONVIF standard itself is publicly available so Hikvision may choose to support it unilaterally. The problem is they don’t support it (or at least support the very basic version of it) already now. But here again I’m just happy it works at all as Hikvision equipment is dirt cheap, quite reliable (in my experience) and already does much more than I could hope for. Needless to say it’s not for the privacy-sensitive applications though :slight_smile:

By means of follow up to above - I was able to make my DVR trigger motion / line crossing / zone intrusion events on Homey via this app, but only motion events work stable enough.

The events from line crossing or zone entry seem to be triggered correctly by DVR itself (at least they are shown each time in Hikvision native app for Android as notifications), but only 2/3 of these events make their way to Homey and trigger the flows as intended. Could not find any pattern behind this and also did not see much difference between using “start” or “stop” triggers (as hinted earlier by @Russell_S).

Only motion triggers seem to work reliably for me.

Hi all Hikvision app users…

I have set this app to for an hikvision DS7600 NVR accusense and 4 accusense cameras. All is set up fine but nothing is working on homey hikvision app

I installed the homey Hikvision app but i wonder if the app is working or not ?

1/ This flow is not working ?

Normal ? Intrusion is never got by the homey hikvision app?? Normal

2/ App keeps deconnecting

Is that normal ??

Hope someone can tell be things can be solved…

ps: forgot to tell you i set up the app to connect to the nvr ip of course

Finally i solved many problems but one is remaining!

As you can see on the screenshot there is an error on the word START

But biggest problem is that i cannot select a tag for the camera number. Please developer can you solve that??

If I understand you correctly:
The tag [[Camera Number]] can be used in the AND part as a condition.
IF NVR Maison “Intrusion Detection Start”
AND (now select Logics card “is exactly”, then select the tag

and pick the Local Variable (at the top) [[Camera Number]]
Enter the camera number of your choice at the white bar below
THEN do anything

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Woww so many thanks you made my day !

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While you can use 3 OR conditions max,
to be able to use more than 3 cam alerts in 1 flow, you could reverse the conditions and use the THEN ELSE action card.
This is not very sophisticated, but can be used to send an intrusion alert from any of your cams.
IF NVR Maison “Intrusion Detection Start”
AND [[Camera Number]] is not 1
AND [[Camera Number]] is not 2
AND [[Camera Number]] is not 3
AND [[Camera Number]] is not 4
THEN (can’t be unused, so use anything, f.i. a log card)
Camera1 update snapshot
Camera2 update snapshot
Camera3 update snapshot
Camera4 update snapshot
push image [camera 1] snapshot after 2s
push image [camera 2] snapshot after 2s
push image [camera 3] snapshot after 2s
push image [camera 4] snapshot after 2s

Huuum very interesting again. Should be able to make less flows with these OR ELSE…

I have a question. Has anyone managed to make the Homey Hikvision App work with the Hikvision AXPRO devices ?

Not likely I’m afraid.

I think this APP has been abandoned. Read the other posts in this thread.

It doesn’t work properly. It’s been a long time since it’s been worked on or has had an update . The author isn’t responding to this thread or his emails.

As Athom doesn’t actually read this forum (the forum they actually own). This is what they claim anyway but im not convinced. Either way don’t expect any quality control or any action on their behalf on this.

Your basically at the mercy on if someone here is willing to intervene and take over the APP , make it work , and also get it up to date to work with the latest Hikvision products…

This APP has been rotting away for some time now. Im very surprised it’s been like this for so long though. From what I can tell Hikvision has made their API’s fairly accessible to the public and it shouldn’t take much to get it to work at a satisfactory level.

Try the OnVif app as a work around if it is possible for your particular application. The guy doing it (Adrian) has been doing some great work on it , but I’m not sure if it will suit what you need.

If you do try the ONVIF APP and your using smart or Human detection with your cameras/NVR make sure you set “IsInside” in the advanced settings …

Someone has a hikvision NVR working? I dont get it to work. Also not by using the onvif app.

i am using a DS-7608NI-K1(B) nvr with 3 cams connected.