[App] Hikvision

At the moment no support and updates


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I have a 4 camera NVR set via Ali.
The ipaddress and credentials are known
But nothing happens if I push ‘test connectie’ or ‘verbind’.

Any idea?

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I thought you meant that other kind of camera’s might work.
But you mean Hikvision camera’s sold by other (OEM) brands.

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Hey I have a DS-7600 series. I have tried inputting the ip of a camera but have a similar issue of nothing happening when pressing test or connect. Just wondering where I’m going wrong? Thanks

Mapulu, thanks for your app. I can finally add my cameras in Homey. Now I have tried to add them in a flow, but I can’t get it done. I have tried as soon as there is movement at a certain time that I get a notification or an image on my phone. Have someone might be have a flow or a flow to share this.

I have tried “If” cart Video movement starting and i have to fill in tags"Camera Number" nothing i can’t fill in to this.

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Thanks man.:+1:

I’m probs doing something wrong. Still learning. I don’t have a username or password so entered the ip then ticked Sal, then put port as 443?

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Thanks for reply and sorry for being a pain. I only just had the system installed by a company so it familiar with the NVR settings. I’ve had a look through settings but can’t the SSL configuration.

I have a somewhat older HikVision DS-7608NI-SE / P NVR with 2 camera’s connected.
I can open the web interface of this NVR, but when I enter the IP adres and login credentials in the HikVision app of my Homey I cannot click the Test Connection or Connect button. It seems these are no real buttons.
I run the Homey app on a Samsung Galaxy S10

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I run firmware version V3.0.22 build 170621 on the NVR.

Don’t know if there is ISAPI available? It is connected to HikConnect now for remote access and the camera’s are accesible using the host mode.

The test connection button and connect button don’t seem to do anything at all.



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I’m looking at Hikvision to protect my home.
I’m thinking about buying the Acusense series from hikvision:

  • NVR: Hikvision DS-7608NXI-I2/4S 8 channel AcuSense NVR
  • outdoor cam’s: DS-2CD2346G1-I Turret IP AcuSense camera 4MP, 2.8mm (104°) fixed lens, IR LED 50m

before buying, any comments on this? will this work with Homey?
What about the acusense? or is this 100% in the NVR which connects to homey?

any thoughts are welcome!