Homey, Home assistant hikvision

Hello guys,

I like a tablet on the wall with a dashboard.
So i bought a pi4 and installed home assistant, after a few houers of playing with pictogram and devices everything works so the next step i create a dash.
It is a little bit of practicing with the dash but that wil work, i only have a problem with my hikvision camera.

I have seen a lot of youtube videos and read a lot but i cant get my camera in the dash.

I have the rtsp link of my camera and that wil work, when i write the in the internet browser on the pc it open vlc player and it works.
But how do i integrate it in home assistant and set it on a dash.

I have no experience with command and yaml but i have the file editor, hacs, ssh installed in home assistent.

Thanks for the help guys.

How is this related to Homey? Wouldn’t you get more support on the Home Assistant community forum?

i have heard that there are more poeple on this forum with an home assistant integration on the wall.

Please check whether your camera supports ONVIF. If so, please install the ONVIF integration. The camera will be found automatically.

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nice, i am almost there.
I am missing 1 camera so that is weird, also on the tab shut off it is not there,
So i got to reset the nvr and look then again.

But thanks so far.

Edit: now i got 4 after reset the nvr and switch the streams in the recorder to x264

@Undertaker u are my hero i am latterly 2 day busy with this.
Is there also something that i have the live screen because now it is every 10 seconds or something.

It was an option, thanks

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As far as I know, the image is only updated every 10 seconds. Otherwise, the small Raspi would probably be overwhelmed.