Question about camera newsitem


I was just reading the newsletter and the web article about camera’s available within Homey (

It indicates:

Naturally, this works for many brands and types of cameras. You can choose from a range of expensive security cameras to cheap IP cams. Either way, Homey creates a premium experience for all devices.

But I don’t see a link to a listing of supported brands and models? What should a camera support in order to use it within Homey?

At clicking the security camera there are only 2 camera’s. Is that everything that’s supported?

When i do a quick search at
I see there’s a foscam and dahua app so i think Homey supports more brands.

(Check the potential brand you wanna buy at the apps website and check if it supports the features you want/need)

I too am struggling to get this to work.

If I add a Virtual IP cam, and enter the ip + credentials, I get a device in Homey and - in the setting of that device - can see the image / snapshot of the camera.

However; this device does not show up in my flows… How to use this virtual camera + the picture it shows (takes?)

Is this virtual IP camera now replaced with the new introduced camera features?

I miss some documentation and explanation… :wink:

There is a little bit more informtation in topic: Homey Cameras
You need a snapshot url for HTTP.

Same issue here. Can add the camera’s (after experimental function on), but no flow card…

Thanks @PaN13k
Adding the cam is not a problem. Now we need to be able to make flows :wink:

You can use the Then Section to send an image via push or Telegramm.


Follow this link to generate http URL to your camera type:


Is it possible to make a flow which sends a snapshot via ftp to my NAS?
F.e.: If the doorbell rings - then send snap to…

Or is there any other possibility to save snapshots?

Many thx in advance!

Interesting, I would like to know as well :-). I have the Netatmo welcome now and it has build-in functions to upload to dropbox or FTP location on movement or unrecognized faces. Perhaps a doorbell like the RING already has these functions built-in as well, but it would indeed be great if we can use flows within Homey to determine when to post the snapshot / video frames somewhere.

Has anyone a solution for?


Hello @Eternity,

we wrote a guide on how to add an IP camera to your Homey controlled smarthome - it is specifically written for INSTAR HD and Full HD cameras, but can be used with any camera that can be controlled through a local HTTP interface. All that it needs doing is replacing the CGI commands: