Homey Cameras

Yeah, just got it working, I was using snapPicture, not snapPicture2…

Wyrd url’s
Usr:passw AND user=&passw=??

Works for me!

Also works when u delete the first part of the usr and passw.

You’re absolutely right!

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Does it work with the Ring Doorbell camera?


I have the apps updated (2.4.0) and Homey updated, but i dont see any option for cams??
– I hope they will support Synology Surveillance station and/or UniFi Protect

When adding the virtual camera, I enter the URL (which works in the browser), but Homey says “Content-Type image/jpe; charset=ÚTF-8’ not allowed”.

Any ideas?

Nest is updated to version 2.6.4
I’ve received the update after I’ve installed homey 2.2.0

Yep i received it as well. nice!

Is it me or is this not working with a Ring or Nest Hello?

With nest its working, ring i dont know.

What are you trying to do with your Ring? Get an image? That’s not possible unfortunately.
I’ve been searching for a way to do this too, but there is no API available from Ring…

In the browser I get the image without any problems via the link http://local_IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi? Channel=2
But when I enter the address in the virtual camera, I get the message “Cloud not find that Pairsession”. What could be the problem???

Hmm… another reason to step over to Nest Hello.

you probably put the homey app on the background to copy the url during pairing, that will invalidate the pairing session in the Homey app, try again without putting the app on the background, so copy the url first

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Thank!!! Yes, it really helped to avoid the error “Cloud not find the Pairsession”. But now another appeared immediately: “Content-Type” text / html “not allowed”

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Wrong url. What kind of cam ur using?

Stupid question (although not helped by that fact that the support page is very limited in terms of explanation) : I added my camera successfully and made a flow
If motion sensor yes
Then snapshot camera

Now… Where can I see the snapshot?? :joy: