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Homey Firmware version 2.2.0

Athom has released 2.2.0 to stable.

This release is focused upon Cameras. A blog article has been created if you interested in more details about using cameras with Homey.

To find out how to add your cameras to Homey, please have a look at our support article.

Below are all the changes that are made it to this version of the firmware:

Homey v2.2.0

  • [Flow] Added image push notification support (Requires Smartphone app 2.4.0)
  • [Experiments] Added Virtual IP Camera
  • [Core] Improved image performance
  • [Flow] Flow tags are no longer created for non-gettable capabilities
  • [Flow] Web Request cards now accept Basic Auth URLs
  • [Apps SDK] Add Image stream support
  • [Apps SDK] Added Device.setCameraImage
  • [Cloud] Improve proxy speed and stability
  • [Google Assistant] Enabling sync now also starts a sync
  • [Core] Minor bugfixes and improvements

As always you can also read the latest firmware updates upon https://firmware.athom.com/