Homey and INSTAR HD/Full HD Cameras

Hello Homey Forum,

we have uploaded a guide for the use of INSTAR HD / Full HD IP cameras together with the Homey Gateway. Our primary goal was to create a bridge between wireless (Z-Wave, Zigbee) sensors and actuators and our IP cameras and to automate camera functions through the gateway.

A short overview of how an integration can look like can be :point_right: found here.

The full article deals with the following points:

  • Adding your Cameras Snapshot to the Homey UI
  • Control your Camera manually
  • Notifying Homey when the Camera Alarm is triggered (Alarm Server)
  • Using Zigbee/Z-Wave Sensors to control your Camera
  • Time scheduled Camera control
    • Day&Night Schedule
    • Manual Schedule

With these prototypes, all functions of the INSTAR IP camera can be automated / timed / coupled to Homey-supported wireless Z-Wave and Zigbee sensors and actuators using the control commands available for the camera model.

You can list all HD and Full HD camera models from INSTAR as compatible:

• IN-5905 HD
• IN-5907 HD
• IN-6001 HD
• IN-6012 HD
• IN-6014 HD
• IN-7011 HD
• IN-8001 Full HD
• IN-8003 Full HD
• IN-8015 Full HD
• IN-9008 Full HD
• IN-9010 Full HD
• IN-9020 Full HD

There are only small differences in the API for these models - e.g. in the models IN-6014 HD and IN-9020 Full HD the PIR sensor is switched via the alarm input (/param.cgi?cmd=setioattr&-io_enable=1) while the IN-8015 Full HD and IN-9008 Full HD have both - the alarm input and the PIR sensor - so the sensor has its own CGI command (/param.cgi?cmd=setpirattr&-pir_enable=1) (see documentation for more information).

Otherwise the tutorial is identical for all above mentioned camera models (WLAN and PoE version):

Anleitung in Deutsch :de:

Tutorial in English :uk:

Suggestions / additions and corrections to the instructions are of course welcome.

INSTAR Support Team


We received a support request about using HTTPS (instead of HTTP) to contact the Homey gateway. We are planning to release an Firmware update this week that will add HTTPS support for the Alarmserver:

On all Full HD camera models with the current firmware you can now set the alarm server interval via CGI command. The default value is 60s:


A reduction down to one second is possible - but we recommend to leave it at least 10-15s (if not needed otherwise on the smarthome side). For example, to set the interval between alarm triggers for a camera with the IP and the HTTP port 80 to 15s use:


The alarm server is used to inform Homey when motion is detected by your camera.

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