Another camera question

I’m building my new house and trying to find a good camera solution.
I’ve read about the new ip-camera feature and sound good.
Is there others who have tried the simcam?
IS it any good, is it working with homey or should I try something different as foscam or netatmo?

You are awesome out there!

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I am also searching for this solution. Did you happen to manage to get this working already?

I have 2 Foscam, a older one and a new 9900 working fine. I also have a DBpower cheap cam also included. By the way does not matter the kind, you have just to verify that it is possible to grab a snapshot by an http request. As a Foscam app is present, it would be easier use that kind anyway.

Here are guides on how to add IP cameras via HTTP or MQTT to Homey: