Homey Cameras

Sorry for the delay. I tried all the possible links I found in the post, none worked for me.

You have made my day! I didn’t know there was a foscam application, it works! Thanks!!

This link was great! Finally was able to apply the hack to my Xiaomi Dafang IP cam.

However, trying to add the camera to Homey results in an error due to the self signed certificate that is used:

I’m using http://root:PASSWORD@IP/image.jpg

Any tips?

Have you found a solution? I have the same issue with my Sannce cam. :frowning:

Same issue with my dafang hack firmware ip cam, only mine says that the “certificate has expired” instead of “self signed”.

Haven’t figured it out and kinda forgot.about it. I have sent Athom a support request, let’s see what they come up with

Hello Homey Forum,

we wrote a guide on how to add a HD or Full HD Camera to a Homey controlled smarthome. This guide is specifically written for INSTAR Cameras - but by replacing the CGI commands, JPG URLs, etc. can be used with any IP camera that still has a local HTTP REST API:

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Someone used this? Please share.


Does anybody know how to connect Homey to the Nest outdoor cam? How can i find the snapshot URL to add it as a virtual device?

Can someone recommend a cheap but reliable camera that works with Homey?

I’m new to ip cameras

Hi everyone, i’ve a question, can i see my nvr system with 4 cameras or i’ve to buy other tipe of camera ?

Netatmo. Works perfect.

Hi I have KKmoon IP camera from China that works (it has jpg url option). Tested also Xiaomi camera, but no success to find jpg stream.

Is Foscam OK?

More then OK. Just pick one with a stream possibility. The C1/2 don’t have that option for example.

I’m looking at a Foscam c2m. Don’t understand what you mean by a stream possibility?


How about this https://wyze.com/wyze-cam-pan.html

When f.e. the very cool PiPup app is used, one can stream a live feed from a cam to the AndroidTV. When u have a C2 this is not possible.
Also streaming a live feed to ur Google Nest Hub when someone hits ur doorbell is not possible with a C2.

Interesting https://youtu.be/UxjgisphOt4 says you can link up with Google assistant?

The foscam cameras I’m looking at is listed as working with GA?

I’m more inclined to go with wyze which seems more secure but it doesn’t work with homey?

Wich link did you use ?

I also have a dahua NVR with 4 cams. Also get the message could not find that pair session.
Turn of onvif