Chip and recommended camera to who work with homey?

What can i see ? Can i see live streem? Or just pics?
I try to serch and got lost …

Homey doesnt support video, only pics

Mmm ok
And can u recomand not expensive and good camera?

I dont have any cams connected with homey, so cant help you with that. Sure others can, or using the search give you a lot of info regarding cams and homey

I use the Reolink RLC 511-W. About 100€ Nice camera with good motion sensor and excellent night vision.I use it with a Synology server. That way you are able to determine the area in which the motion sensor has to react. There is an app for the Synology.

I don’t use Homey for my camera. But with webhooks or the app, you are able to integrate the camera quite well. But no streaming.

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Thank you for the replay
I want somthing what will work with homey
and not sepertly…otherwise i will buy xiaomi camera…i heard good reviews on it

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