Reolink E1 pro

Hello everyone.

I want to buy some good camera which can be linked to the Homey. Is it possible with Reolink E1 pro? If yes - how? I’m able to connect it using ONVIF app, am I? Has it some advantages then using their official Reolink app? I also want to store records but I am not sure where. Should I use NVR or there is a better way?

Do you have some other ideas which cameras to buy (I want just indoor camera, notifications and storing records)?

I saw too much comments about cameras in Homey but I didn’t understand it at all.

I have only tried the RLC-410 with ONVIF and it could capture an image but the cameras motion detection is not compatible with ONVIF.
I’m not sure if you are aware that Homey can only capture a still image and is not able to process a live stream from any camera.

The ONVIF app currently doesn’t support pan and tilt and not sure if it makes sense to add it as you can only see a still image so the position would be hit and miss.

For storage there and 3 possibilities, SD card in the camera, NVR and cloud. All of which are independent of Homey.
So the question is why do you want to connect it to Homey?
For me, the only benefit is to trigger flows upon motion detection and the Reolink won’t do that.

Thank you for answer. I just want to merge all devices together using Homey…but if I can’t see live video streaming or Homey can’t trigger flow upon motion detection for this type of camera…it’s useless for me. Maybe later.

Okay so NVR or cloud is independent of Homey. That’s what I wanted to know. Thanks!

Did you got the Reolink E1 pro work with Homey? I’m interested in this camera, don’t know if it works with Homey.

Hi guys, I have a video setting including a Reolink NVR and some cameras. On itself it works fine; average quality, but great in comparison with the price of the setting. Local and external storage, PoE for the cameras, but… I wanted to add it to Apple HomeKit since it could useful if you can view the streams on your Apple TV, depending on your own needs of course.

But now the complexity starts, at least for me. I get myself a Homey Pro, very nice device, but not out of the box ready for Reolink. And unfortunately I can’t find any straightforward solution or Homey app fixing this.

Is there anyone around who has the same challenge and want to share some findings or maybe even solutions. Would be great if there is somebody out there knowing how to fulfil this wish!