Connect Reolink camera to homey

I have a bought a Reolink NVR with camera’s system. This seemed to have a nice app integration with also Google home. Unfortunately when I tried to set it up in Google home, I found that my type camera’s cannot be added to Google home. Big bummer, so no casting to the best hub.

Now I’m trying to connect it to homey with the onvif app. It finds the camera and connects. However, I cannot get snapshots. Any advice what to try?

I’m thinking to return the whole system and investigate a bit more in a good compatible brand.

My goal in the end is that when the doorbell rings, my camera sends a snapshot to my phone, and also casts the video feed to my nest hub.

Make sure the port is 8000, then it will work.

That’s what I had, but did not work. Due to the bad compatibility I decided to return it to Amazon.

Any suggestions for camera/NVR brands that have good integration in Google home and Homey?

Hi @Joram ,

What NVR did you choose after all? Or did someone get it to work with a reolink NVR?


I returned the Reolink and installed my old Foscam NVR. Currently my NVR is not connected to Homey or another domotics system. Still not planned to what system I will upgrade.

I have a Reolink Doorbell POE that I have linked via the Onvif app.
This one seems to work fine. get a message in homey pro ‘The vistor detected alarm turned’

But nothing happens in the flow

What could be wrong?

I have the same problem… the integration of Reolink in Homey is not quite good at the moment.
Still hoping for a separated app…

me too

I have had a couple of Reolink RLC-410-5MP cameras for 2-3 years now. They work fine with the Reolink Android App. I plan to extend the coverage and I am looking into acquiring av Video Recorder, like Reolink RLN8-410(v2), and a couple of new cameras.
I have a Homey pro 23 installed at the same location, and plan to make use of the Homey ONVIF App to get Homey to act on alarms from the Reolink units.

I do not need snapshots as I get that from the Reolink mobile App.

I read some negative posts about Reolink and Homey, and I started to doubt if my plans are viable…

Is there anybody out there who has tried a similar set-up?

Hi, I have have NVR you mention and 2 CX410 cameras which I installed last year. It all works fine as long as the cameras and NVR is connected to a switch as opposed to plugging the cameras in the NVR.

Thanks for replying!
Do you get alarms from the RCL-410 cameras into Homey so that Homey Flows can react on those alarms?

Hi, I do not have RCL-410 but CX410.
But yes, it recevies notifications and triggers the flows.
I use it for controlling outside lighting.

Thank you Jote. Very helpfull!