Which indoor camera?


I want to buy an indoor security camera. It should work with Homey and I want it to detect when I’m home, so it stops filming. I prefer not to have additional monthly cost with it but still want to access it from everywhere on the world.

Any recommendation? Good practice sharing from your own setups?

Thank you.


I’m currently testing Wyze cam and Wyze cam pan. Wirks with Homey trough IFTTT

Hey, interesting, testing Wyze as well right now. :grinning: However recognizing my presence through IFTTT does not work so well for me. I’d love to see a more native support from Wyze for Webhooks.


I just ordered my first Wyze. have 5 xiaomi models, so I know the hardware is decent. Only the software of xiaomi is not good at all…

I’ve gone away from using IFTTT location support. I have created webhooks with IFTTT one for on/off and per camera and these are now opened when Homey detects when I’m coming home or leaving. Works perfect and more reliable than ifttt location services. Besides I can more easily switch the cameras on and off through a homey flow now.