Arlo pro and get camera information PER camera or is it all one system?

As another thread I created I am creating a Homey system for sensors, temperature and in the future lights but I also need something for visual recording if someone breaks in.

I am leaning towards ARLO since I dont want to drag cables everywhere they are used but I probably will towards the 2 outside ones.

I have understood that I can use IFTTT to actually link Homey and Arlo cameras to ARMED ON/OFF and trigger Homey flows on when ARLO detects someone when armed?

My question is if the IFTTT works per camera since I am going to have this setup which needs special support:
2x cameras outside

  • should work “as normal”, no alarms by themselves only record and maybe notify homey on action

2x camera inside

  • Should be OFF when we are home
  • Should triggered alarm (homey flow) if armed
  • Should be possible to start record if Homey alarm (flow) is activated by one of Homey sensors

So my main questions are:

  1. Can Homey and IFTTT control arm/disarm of individual cameras or is it “ARLO all cameras or none” via IFTTT?
  2. Can Homey listen on triggers from Arlo via IFTTT or is it the other way around only?

I have not set up Arlo with IFTTT, but with the (Pro 2) Arlo app, you can have different ‘modes’ of armed. ie : one for Night Time / Day Time - which only arm certain cameras. Including one which is managed by your location.

Perhaps @Azz24 can answer your specific question though.

As Jamie mentions you can create different modes within the Arlo app however to the best of my knowledge these are not selectable when using IFTTT. So the answer to you first question is it’s all or nothing when arming/disarming.
If anyone has a solution or work around for this I’d be keen to hear it as im looking to add a camera inside and will be faced with the same issue.

You can achieve what you want in your second question. In IFTTT you can trigger a homey flow when motion is detected from a particular camera.

I personally only use Homey and IFTTT for arming and disarming. I find the Arlo app and how much i can customise the alerts/ notifications it sends me to be great.

Okay, sounds both good and bad then :slight_smile:

But when it comes to cameras I have no other choice to test it out.
But prices have gone up $100 since 2 weeks ago now since I wasent ready to buy because of SEK conversion rates dropping :stuck_out_tongue:
will wait a bit longer until my veriuse runs out and hope prices drops again