Anyone using Arlo Pro?

Any feedback or reviews? Hoping someone would write an app to integrate it :slight_smile:

I too would like to hear any feedback/reviews but in regards to your app request

Given that

a) Homey Does not support cameras.
b) Netgear Arlo does not have a public API.

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for an app, unless either of the above changes, but there are always ways around private APIs.

Given that it is using the IoT standard of REST API, you might be able to jerry-rig something together with :

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction! I will check it out!

If you do get an Arlo, keep me updated, A camera system is my next big buy and i’m tossing up between Arlo, Blink and Canary.

Likewise - camera system is the next thing I am looking at and I have done quite a bit of reading and research. Leaning towards Arlo at this point

Arlo seems to be superior in just about every way, BUT, no public API worries me.

Have you made a choice yet?

Hi Jamie,

Yes i have settled on an Arlo Pro over Black Friday and have just received it. Yet to set it up. I am convinced through my research that it is probably the best out there in terms of pricing and features.

Likewise, am concerned about the fact that there is no public api. anyhow, will be playing with it over the next few weeks and come back on what I think and any solutions around integrating with Homey

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There are things you can do through IFTTT.
Like triggering Homey if motion is detected by Arlo and so on.


hi all. merry christmas!

i integrated arlo pro via IFTTT (thanks @JesperG) and can now trigger a flow in Homey when a motion is detected.

However, I am having a hard time trying to use

because the api needs an authentication before I can trigger anything

I am trying to get a snapshot / picture from the camera via the api when motion is detected and send it to my telegram.

so far, no luck.

seems possible though as I found

will keep you guys posted… if anyone has any idea… pleas share. im kinda lost trying to jerry rig


I’m also looking to investing in a camera system. Currently Arlo is at the top of my list and with the 4K Ultra model due to be released next month there should be some good deals on the Pro 2 (hopefully). 4K sounds nice but I think its overkill and I’d have upload bandwidth issues on my current connection.

The downside to Arlo being no App as already mentioned. Integration with Homey isn’t critical but is nice to have the option. My understanding is that using IFTTT you could get a trigger from Arlo to start a flow but not have a trigger make a change to Arlo such as setting a mode (home / away)??

Are you happy with your purchase @khangwei?

@Jamie did you make a purchase?

hi @Azz24,

I love my Arlo Pro. (just Pro, not pro 2). So i can only imagine the newer versions would be even better. That said, i was happy with Pro’s resolution and battery and hence the decision. Arlo’s IFTTT has a flow trigger for motion and sound detection - that’s working perfect. I could trigger flows using that. However, viewing the photos or videos has to be done directly through its app. Still thinking how i can integrate that further. Arlo’s app is great too, but was hoping for a more holistic approach in controlling and seeing everything through Homey.

I don’t regret my purchase. Still hope to integrate it further and pls share if you know how to.

thanks all


I did in fact pick up some this week, and your right I got a great deal on them (Pro 2) I am guessing due to the new 4k.

If you live in Australia, just be aware the the Pro2 will not stream due to upload lag between Australian and the US servers. Just kinda lags out and is useless.

was hoping for a more holistic approach in controlling and seeing everything through Homey.

I should be able to easily create an app to arm/disarm the cameras on click/flow.

But you will have to wait for Homey camera support first and honestly I doubt that ‘arlo’ will be supported due to the lack of public API.

hi @Jamie

would it be possible to capture an image in flow?

Well its technically possible to get a stream or full image.

Subscribing to the ‘motion detection’ events through a flow would be the trickey part - as there is already a significant delay for cameras running off battery.

I would be extremely hesitant to spend too much time/effort in this prior to the ‘camera’ release by Athom, which has no ETA.

@Jamie, just so I’m clear are you saying you can’t watch a live stream via the Arlo App in Australia?

not at the moment, lots of complaints that in the last firmware update arlo did something which means the live feed requires much more upstream bandwidth.

I haven’t tried it on a NBN connection because you know that’s coming :soon: but that likely will fix the problem.

But I have the problem even when I’m on the local network - so who knows …

Thats a pretty big issue. I want to be able to see whats going on when I get an alert. I’ll have to look into if Arlo’s competitors have the same issue.

NBN will be hit and miss. Almost nobody is getting fibre to the premise. For everyone else who has to use existing copper infrastructure it all comes down to how long the copper run is back to fibre termination point. NBN may solve the problem but I wouldn’t want to be relying on it to do so.

Its the upload speed not the download which seem to be the issue, Arlo claims to require a min 1Mbit upload, which is ok, so long as I am not using the net for anything else at the time. (HA!)

Even Telstra’s FTTN peak time upload speeds are 4x ADSL, so … im guessing that will fix the issue. Ill let you know in 2032 when I get the NBN :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only had it a couple of days, so I am still experimenting, also be aware that on battery when motion is detected it takes a second or two for the recording to start which means placement is important that you get people ‘approaching’ the camera - rather than going across it. (for example, only about half the time did it record my dog coming out the dog door when motion was detected).

There is obviously lots of positives about them, which I am sure you are aware of.

Well I ended up buying the Arlo Pro2 camera’s. Have had them installed for a week now and overall I’m very happy.

I was partularly pleased that despite there being no Arlo app for Homey I can still arm or disarm using a Homey flow via IFTTT. What I cant do however is monitor the state of Arlo within Homey. ie if I disarm Arlo with the Arlo app Homey doesn’t know.

I do have some lag when watching the streams, on average about 10 seconds. Not great but better than some other reports I’ve read. On the off chance that my NBN service is ready as scheduled I’ll have a FTTC connection within a month. This should improve the lag.

Battery life is now my main concern. Roughly 10% drain in a week as my dog and trees (when there is wind) regularly set my cameras off. I think I can set up zones within the images to reduce this with the trees at least.

Anyway as I mentioned already overall I’m impressed. Just need @Jamie to develop an app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would really like to hear an update when you get the NBN - I’ve been pretty unimpressed but I think its largely been issues with upload/wifi. (30+ second live feed delay) - missed motion when I drive into the driveway, but picks up the trees moving in the wind.

The quality of the cameras is great though, and wifi/batter is next level.