Arlo cameras


We need to decide on camers for our outside surveillance. I was looking at Arlo Ultra, but I can not find information if they work with Homey? I wish to be able to trigger a flow, when the cameras detect motion.

Someone tried?

Maybe want to read here

Looking at that topic a lot. Is many posts and many of then may contain info that is not valid any more. It’s hard to get a picture. Arlo Ultra comes with the new base station, vmb5000. Does that mean that it’s not possible to connect. I did not manage to get that information from that topic.

From the develpor of the app in the topic i give you :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

Sorry no support for other base stations, the app is working for me as is. Which is surprising as I expected it to force 2fa last year.
While normally I would be happy to add new devices, It’s highly likely people will have 2fa enabled and thus it won’t work - or it could mess with my home setup.

What info you want more :grinning:


Is there a way around this, to let the Arlos detection trigger a flow?

Maybe it works with IFTTT, but you have to look at it yourself. I dont know

As I understand, Arlo works with Google Home.
Have anyone tried to trigger a Flow this way?