Which camera system to install

Hi All :slight_smile:

I am a recent user of the Homey Pro and have to say that with a lot of searching and asking, I have progressed well to achieve what I want with it.

For the moment, I am pretty far with setting up Heimdall as a security installation using sensors. My next step … Cameras.

We recently started living in a new-build house and we have therefore made the choice to pull pipes from the a central point to 4 places on the outer walls as mentioned for installing the Cameras.

I must say that my knowledge of camera systems is minimal and that I understand the basic principles. However, if there are people who can give me good advice, I am certainly open to that.

I am searching advices such as:

  • Can I use Heimdall to detect motion or the like?
  • Do I have to buy a Recorder in addition to 4x POE Cameras? or can I do something with a PC or Homey?
  • And which are best compatible with Homey? I see a number of apps from well-known brands, but how do they work best with other apps?

so far this is my idea in terms of arrangement

4x POE Cameras
1x POE Switch

I would like to be open to suggestions and hope you will share them with me: D

The best cameras for me come from Instar. You can even select the area of ​​the camera image where motion detection is detected. They don’t use poe, but are able to send a webhook to Homey when motion detection occurs. This can then be processed by Homey. They can also send their recordings to a NAS.

You would prolly want something like this: https://www.synology.com/en-global/products/DVA3219
If you want to get serious with surveillance without sharing the data to the cloud.
Synology motion detection events can be sent to Homey. Either by webhook or with the app.

Ok ok so they both are good ideas however i will be honest that the pricetag on it aint the most cheapest solution. I just checked out the camera of instar and we are talking about around the 350 € per camera, the same goes out for the Synology, cool stuff but for 4 camera’s i find it quite a investment.

I can imagine that quality will play a role when you choose the cheaper models like Hikvision or even dahua, but except the quality i wonder if there is really a big difference. The same goes out for the NVR i see NVR’s for around 100 € and even free software that i can install on a pc.

So i think whats more important for me is yeah sure i want to invest something to guard my home, i mean it aint fort knox but a small bit of surveillance makes the difference.

But as i mentioned my knowlegde on these items are not enough and still searching for the best option in price and quality…

I am also trying to understand the connection between the IP Camera and Homey, i am wondering if homey will only detect te motion capibilities of a camera or can i also check image when it detects motion ? or will i need to use its own application to see the image?

Hikvision and dahua have great cameras for a reasonable price.

Im using Hikvision PoE cameras for almost 3 years with 24/7 recording to my NAS (Qnap). Works like a charm. For more cameras I would consider to go for standalone recorderder, that offers also PoE functionality. You will get better performance in terms of video playback, search etc and there is no need to buy NAS.

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So i am thinking about adding the following camera and was wondering if this one will be a good option

What do you all think ?

Hi Xavi,

Following up on your post here since I’m in the exact same position as you. I’m about to fit my newly bought house with surveillance and looking to find the right setup.

Have you decided on something yet?

Hi Kenneth,

Well not yet however the people I spoke here got great experiences with dahua and hikvision as they also have the app available. I found a nice deal on Ali Express by ordering trough a warehouse in Spain to avoid high customs charges so I will be spending around 50€ for 1 camera. I think I am going to order one just to see how it works and if its what I think it is I will need 4 more :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m also leaning towards that. Which camera model are you looking at more specifically?

#Aliexpress € 49,89 33%OFF | Dahua IPC-HDW4631C-A 6MP HD POE Network Mini Dome IP Camera Metal Case Built-in MIC CCTV Camera 30M IR Dahua IK10 HDW4631C-A

I saw this one

When I wanted to CCTV camera software install in my device at that time cctv installation failed message shown on my system screen. I could not understand that how can i remove the error message and connect the camera with device. If anyone has any information then suggest to me.

Hi Xavi2503

I have same needs POE cameras and doorbird connected to a poe switch to homey

Did you make anychoices ?
How does one connects the poe switch to homey ? if thourgh wifi then why use poe !!!??

Poe is always better than wifi, if you want good quality you better put cables.

Hikvision or dahua are good options and affordable.

And the homey connects wireless to the (nvr) Poe, by the app you install on the homey

Many thanks for awsering i will do that.
Can you get live stream to homey app or homeydash ? (because it seems it s only screenshot)


Live stream will not be available with homey you will need a workaround for this

Hi there

Yeah finally I chose for Dahua but to be honest I think you can also use other cameras that are cheaper and use the onvif protocol. However to be honest the connection between camera and homey is nice but maybe a bit overrated.

As forwarding screenshot is something that the camera has as standard option. The Dahua Lite product line using the DMSS app will not offer casting to a Google hub or other. However the Dahua Imou line does offer this but both have huge differences in quality.

So yeah it’s nice the possibility but to be honest I expected a bit more. It’s even so that I am now checking to buy a raspberry pi and install Hassio or Domoticz to see if this has any extra value.