Vivotek cameras (network cameras)

I have recently purchased two homey pro´s. Main purpose is to use heimdall, but also to put more smarthings into a “centralized” place instead of 100 hubs for different components.

Anyhow, I have 4 network cameras of the type vivotek, and was wondering if anyone have any experience with this and if it could be used with homey?

It looks like some of their cameras support ONVIF (the one I looked at on their web site) so you could possibly use the ONVIF app.
One thing to note is Homey can only cope with a still image, so no live video feed whatever app you use in Homey.

No guarantees on that as many Homey apps interface via the third party hubs :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply! Yes, understand that some need hubs to operate. But so far for my use case it is not needed :stuck_out_tongue: But time will show! :slight_smile:

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