Camera for Homey Pro

Hi. I am new with Homey Pro 2019, and want to connect (throgh my WiFi router) an outdoor camera. I only need to see what it shows when I connect (opens Homey) to it. Is there someone who have tried it and can give a suggestion about modell and app that is functioning stable?

I have 3 imou Bullet 2C cams and they work like a sharm.

Thanks. I will look at that.:slightly_smiling_face:

When the cam supports the ONVIF protocol, this is the fine app you’ll need

Thanks a lot…

If the camera supports JPG/PNG snapshots over http, you can use the built in virtuel camera device and set the url. It depends in the camera if it’s possible and if a user/pw is needed.

I can suggest the Blink outdoor camera (with SyncModule).
You can a snapshot via Homey in the camera device and you can get motion alerts.

There are several other apps for camera systems in the app store.

Just be aware that Homey can only show a still image and not a live feed from any camera.

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Oh, realy. That was new to me. But thanks for the information. Perhaps I than have to have another arangement.