IP camera brand with good homey integrated movement notifications/alerts


So i was unhappy with my Arlo Camears
And bought a couple of Reolink IP cameras,
all cabled to my synology NAS

The reolink IP cams has movement detection with notification
This is all nicely taken over by the Synology surveillance station and mobile app MS CAM which gives me movement notifications and emails

Now i look for a way to connect the reolink or synology movement notification to homey in order to create flows here
This doenst seem to be possible and the current homey synology app doesnt integrate movement alerts

So i looked at IFTTT for reolink or synology, nothing at all to my big surprise

So i’m thinking about keeping my synology NAS
but replacing my cameras with a camera brand that has its movement notifications/alerts integrated one way or another in homey

Which IP camera brand would have a good homey integrated movement notifications/alerts ??


Instar cameras have an intigrated alarm server. You can send a WebHook to Homey via this server. Expensive but very good.

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I am looking at the hickvision as the app seems to process alarms
However they seem to have a more narrow vision angle and be more expensive than the reolink,

Am i understanding it correctly?

You van use events on your synology, make aan event, when the camera detects motion send a HTTP comando, and then use in homey the logic app, when a webhook is send.


oohhh, this looks so great! trying it out this evening!

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how to use webhooks with your synology surveillance station.
it also works reversed with send an webhook and on the ss when a webhook is received.


s absolutely great, would be great to post also in the synology post, for those looking to get alarm notifications!!

I now look into the reverse, send webhooks to the nas to activate/deactivate the movement alarms, it also works great!

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Just tried to do this also. But couldn’t find External Device. Don’t know if this is different on different Synology servers. I only have the option for webhook which ofcourse does the trick

its a software update from synology. I have the same now;)